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Our Process

Design-Build Client Process

The First step is to meet our Interior Designers, Builders, as well as Owners to discuss your needs and desires for your new home.  We call this our detailed consultation.  This consultation will insure that our whole team is able to serve you  and realize your vision of your home.

Site Evaluation

This is a critical part of the building process because it is where the inspiration for your design begins. Bannister Custom Homes will research the plat and all guidelines, codes and restrictions as pertaining to building on your homesite.


You will contract with Bannister Custom Homes at this point to have your blueprints drawn for you.  An Architectural deposit will be required at this point.  We pride ourselves on building your custom home around you; your needs, wants and lifestyle. Our interior designer will spend time exploring your style and the feel that you desire your home to have. an initial plan design or sketch will begin to be developed for your new home.


Our client specification meeting is very detailed.  Reviewing specific details early in the process helps to eliminate surprises and allows us to quote what our customers want to build.  The home is then quoted based on the outlined specifications and reviewed with you.  Together we make adjustments to the plan design and pricing to meet budget considerations.  We also review the terms of our building contract and a 5% deposit is made.


We establish a start date and complete a project schedule.  All selections made with your Designer are detailed and included with the blueprints to be given to your Construction Builder.


We’ll be in constant contact throughout the building process. Our team of professionals at Bannister Custom Homes take a personal interest to ensure your house is completed to specification within the allotted time period and with strict attention to detail. You will know exactly what and when decisions need to be made, as well as what is happening at your home on any given day. We’ll meet regularly to review the progress and you will get to know each of our team members as they work on your home.  As construction progresses and as unique design opportunities present themselves that will improve the end result, we introduce those ideas to you. Upon completion of the home, a final walk-through is done and a punch list is made. Although the house is complete, our relationship will not end. We are always available to address any questions or problems that may arise with your new home.

At the end of the journey, you will have a magnificent home where new memories can be made for years to come.